The leading partner of Termas Centro, is the Portuguese Spa Association (Centre Delegation) is a project co-financed by the operational programs Centro 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – programmes for the economic enhancement of endogenous resources (Portuguese acronym: PROVERE), as part of the Collective Efficiency Strategies (CES).

Termas Centro main objective is to promote the mineral spring spa(also refered as Thermal SPAs) resorts in the network: Alcafache, Almeida - Fonte Santa, Águas - Penamacor, Caldas da Felgueira, Caldas da Rainha, Carvalhal, Curia, Cró, Ladeira de Envendos, Longroiva, Luso, Manteigas, Monfortinho, Monte Real, Sangemil, São Pedro do Sul, Unhais da Serra, and Vale da Mó.

The consortium aims to reinforce the tourism competitiveness of the mineral spring spas located in the central region of Portugal, working as a network and creating products adapted to different targets in the areas of health and well-being; nature; gastronomy; culture and heritage. It is also an objective to boost regional development in this region by enhancing the employability.

Termas Centro raises awareness for the benefits mineral spring spa resorts and relieve the idea that spas are only targeted at elderly and sick people. The communication presents these spnatural spas as a holistic and unique experience, that combines the benefits of the spring waters for health and well-being with an exciting environment with a rich cultural and also gastronomic patrimony.

The increasing touristic demand in the central region of Portugal urges the need to position mineral spring spa resorts in the central region of Portugal as one of the strategic assets within the region. The area comprises almost half of Portugal's spring spa resorts and these are located nearby places of huge historical interest and natural heritage. In addition, thermal spas – as sometimes refered - meets one of the the most recent tourism trends: the increasing demand for destinations that allow to take care of body and mind at the same time.

The first PROVERE, established from 2009 to 2015, included 82 projects (35 public and 47 private), responsible for the creation of 100 jobs and the establishment of the brand “Termas Centro”. The main focus of this first PROVERE was the requalification and modernization of the infrastructures of several thermal spa resorts, including the surrounding areas and the construction and modernization of hotel support units.

The second PROVERE, lauched at the end of 2016, forcast an investment of 2.3 million euros in four areas: animation, permanent animation facilities, innovation, and marketing & communication. This second PROVERE is directed primarily for immaterial investments: the promotion and both national and international projection of the mineral spring spas resorts of the central region of Portugal and its unique health and well-being products.

Termas Centro is an external consortium establisehed as “PROVERE – Promotion of the Thermal Spa Resorts within the Central Region". It is composed with the participation of the Portuguese Spa Association (Centro Delegation), local and regional private entities, municipalities, intermunicipal communities, local action groups, universities and non-profit associations.

On April 7, 2016, the protocol establishing the consortium was signed by all stakeholders, to firm the commitment of cooperation and sharing of responsibilities and to formalize a governance model.

The Portuguese Spa Association (Centro Delegation), headquartered in São Pedro do Sul, was named the leader of the consortium, and acts on behalf of the territory and its consortium members as a legitimate representative of all the thermal spa resorts participating in this consortium.


The General Assembly of consortium members is the highest authority of the consortium structure. It is consultative and deliberative in nature and includes the top representatives of all the consortium entities.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is an advisory and supervisory body, consisting of five entities – the leader of the consortium (Portuguese Spa Association - Centro Delegation), a public entity, two private entities and one university.

The council grants the the proper functioning of this PROVERE and ensuring the pursuit of the results and achievement indicators. It has the following responsibilities:

» Establish and supervise the work plan of the Technical Management Structure;

» Guide and supervise the performance of the consortium leader;

» Evaluate the operational and financial execution of the plan of action.

Strategic Council

Since we are dealing with a strategy that involves a large extension of territory with many players, the Strategic Council is composed of other local and regional entities in order to enable the articulation of our strategy with other existing strategies in the territory, to maximize and promote the creation of synergies. In this council participates members of CIM, GAL, Turismo do Centro, representatives of other 2nd phase PROVERE projects, and other relevant entities for the region.

Technical Management Structure

The Technical Management Structure is the executive body responsible for the current implementation and management of the reformulation of the Collective Efficiency Strategy. It is composed by an exclusive team dedicated to execute of the strategy and the plan of action.


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Adriano Barreto Ramos -

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